Little do we ever believe!

Is Life really coloured with grayish outer?
No,I believe it’s painted with corals of sparking mermaids and nectar of buzzing jumble bees. Can someone indulge in and splash over black waterworks into it. I say,keep the sorrows locked up into boxes that are never meant to be enclosed. Could be the real wonder to let out the thoughts for the millions to simply scratch over to find,and maybe tune into million colours then? Never hook up the turnings into cravings. Unaware of protecting the intrinsic evils. Painting silent whispers of every old outcome and shattering the stereotypes. Get hold of someone with whom you can talk endlessly about the little ant tickling in your heart to the huge demon starving within. Being a messy set of bibliophile rather being a tipsy soul. And then you’ll see the real magic of superficial flames.